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  • Freedom10 Manual download HERE
  • ShoeBox MAX Manual download 3.0 (1.2 meg) HERE
  • Freedom8 Manual original brass pressure switch download HERE
  • Freedom8 Manual silver pressure switch download HERE
  • ShoeBox Chain Drive Manual download HERE
  • Exploded view 2015 HERE
  • Exploded View Chain Drive HERE

  • Exploded View 2015

    Exploded View 2014 sml




Animated Cut Away

Special thanks to Ydna

Exploded View Chain Drive Diagram



Troubleshooting Flowchart



Cutaway Air Flow



Need Hoses or Moisture Filters?

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Air Gun Info

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The compressors we use in house for testing.
We highly recommed the California Air Tools brand becasue it is VERY quiet running


California Air Tools 10020     

Craftsman Compressor 

Craftsman compressor


Freedom10 Manual download