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Maintenance Overview

Maintenance Overview

How to maintain the ShoeBox Compressor


The ShoeBox is now equipped with our New Silicone Oil Auto Lube System. A 1oz bottle of Silicone Oil is included in your order. Simply saturate the felt tabs installed at the end of both cylinders (do not over-saturate or silicone oil will drip inside the ShoeBox). To do this you simply remove the front cover and drip a small amount of silicone oil onto the felts (more than an eyedropper full). Monitor how fast it uses up the oil and adjust accordingly. **Use only Silicone Oil! ** Other oils can explode and kill you. You will still need to dab spot of white lithium grease on the lower piston by the bearing support bushing.. See our How To Videos to see exactly how to do it.


Rebuild Cylinders
After about 70 to 100 hours of run time the o-rings will likely need replacing. We provide a spare set of o-rings with the unit and maintenance kits with o-rings are available on our store.  The compressor is made to be user serviceable. Removing the snap rings and air lines from the cylinders allows them to slide out. Once the nut holding the spacers and o-rings is removed, the o-rings are replaced and the unit is reassembled. We also recommend that you change the Delrin Spacers approximately every 3-4 times you change the o-rings. The ShoeBox can be rebuilt many, many times.  See our How To Videos which walk you through the whole process.