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Links to compressor related companies

California Air Tools we highly recommend this line of compressors. They are super quiet and priced right.

Craftsman Air Compressors  The standard for decades. Well made and available at Sears.

Joe Brancato sells high quality hoses and fittings. He also sells air tanks in package deals with the ShoeBox Freedom8.

Tunaman specializes in paintball equipment and will make up hoses for air tanks

Dessicant filters that trap water.  Connects to the end of the shop compressor air hose at the ShoeBox input.  NexTag

SUPER SIZE dessicant filter setup from Luis Ruiz available from McMaster Carr
Yellow Forum Link

Nice size dessicant filter from McMaster with pics on how to setup
Yellow Forum Link

How to dry dessicant

Dental tools that can be made into o-ring picks
Harbor Freight #01816-4CYA

Money Air Compressors, the only compressor built specifically for paintball.  The Mini Money Air is the #1 compressor in paintball. 

Jim Shelden at Shelden Sporting Goods Inc. sells a variety of refurbished full size high pressure compressors at great prices

Bruce Dodson of Airetex sells brand new, high quality,  full size, high pressure compressors  a great forum we go to. 

Pyramydair is one of the largest air gun dealers on the web and they carry the ShoeBox F8.

Very popular airgun forum
Gateway to Airguns Forum

TAG forum where we hang out

The Yellow Forum, very active air gun forum
Yellow Forum

All about the popular Marauder Air Rifle
Marauder Forum

A terrific video about the Lewis and Clark air gun and how it changed history