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F10 setup for Filling

F10 Setup for Filling

What you need to setup your F10 to fill a high pressure tankcraftsman compressor


Small shop air compressorCaliforniaCompressor
The compressor should be capable of 120-125 psi  and about 3 cubic feet per minute output. This feeds air into the F10 (or Freedom8) which is then boosted to full pressure. The smaller the air compressor you provide, the more it will cycle. You want it to cycle as little as possible so the water vapor has a chance to condense in the tank and not in the ShoeBox. We highly recommend the California Air Tool 10020  compressor.

High Pressure Hose
You need a high pressure hose to connect from the F10 to the tank. Because of the variety of tank connection fittings we do not supply this part. We also recommed that you get a hose with a pressure gauge in the line. The output fitting on the F10 is a standard Foster style male fitting.

High Pressure TankBrancato1 sml
High pressure tanks vary in size and pressure rating. Most of our customers fill paintball size 'guppy' tanks or scuba tanks for air rifles. The pressure shut off point is adjustable in the F10 so you can match the tank  rating that you are filling.

How to Fill
In order to fill your tank, hook up your shop compressor hose to the fitting on the top of the F10. Make sure your shop compressor is pumped up to around 125 psi.  Hook up the high pressure hose to the F10 and the tank. Open the valve on the tank and turn on the F10. It will shut off automatically when it reaches full pressure.

Moisture Traps
Some people add Customer Setup smla dessicant bead moisture trap between the shop compressor and the F10. The bigger the better. Here is a good description of one customers setup.  Link


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