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World's Smallest & Lightest 4500 PSI Compressor

Automatic Lubrication is HERE!


 The ShoeBox compressor now comes standard with an automatic silicone oil system.

AutoOiler sml

Now standard with all compressors is a very simple silicone oil lubrication system. Saturate the felt tabs with silicone oil (provided) and you are good to go for about 10 hours. Add more as needed. The felt tabs continously wick a thin film of oil to the shafts improving o-ring life and lowering maintenance. No more stopping every two hours to lubricate! 


Shown here actual size, the ShoeBox Freedom10 is the world's smallest and lightest high pressure compressors The ShoeBox is factory set at 4500 psi and is adjustable to 400 psi. It allows you to fill your paintball tanks or air rifles in the convenience of your own home.  If your tired of hauling your tank to the shop for a fill, or the long drive to find a paintball store with a fill station, we finally have an affordable solution.


 Compressor Open Frame

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The ShoeBox Compressor offers freedom from relying on others for high pressure compressed air. If you have a 4500 psi or 300 bar paintball tankyou can fill it directly from the ShoeBox. If you have a SCBA 44 cubic foot tank the ShoeBox will fill that too. 80 cubic foot scuba tanks are often filled by both our paintball and air rifle customers. They use the scuba tank (non-breatheable) to transfer fill to their paintball marker or air rifle instantly. 

The ShoeBox Freedom10 works with your 125 psi shop air compressor to "boost" the final output pressure to 4500 psi or 300 bar. This eliminates the cost of the first stage.