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Automatic Lubrication

The ShoeBox compressor now comes standard with an automatic silicone oil system

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Shown here actual size

Shown here actual size, the ShoeBox is the worlds smallest and lightest line of high pressure compressors.

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Two Models

There are two models of ShoeBox Air Compressor. The MAX model is set for 4500 psi (300 bar) output, the other, our Freedom10 is adjustable between 400 and 4500psi.

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O-ring, Back Check 1/8" (6 pack)


Quick Overview

High temperature Viton o-ring for lower cylinder back check. You can NOT buy these high temp o-rings at the hardware store.

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Black Viton o-ring on lower cylinder back-check valve. Fits on part #12 on the exploded view diagram.These are high temperature o-rings and are not the same as the black ones you buy from the hardware store.

(Recommended to be changed every 80-100 hours of operation, or sooner if needed). Please see our How-To Videos (under the support tab) for instruction on how to remove cylinders and replace components.

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