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Automatic Lubrication

The ShoeBox compressor now comes standard with an automatic silicone oil system

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Shown here actual size

Shown here actual size, the ShoeBox is the worlds smallest and lightest line of high pressure compressors.

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Two Models

There are two models of ShoeBox Air Compressor. The MAX model is set for 4500 psi (300 bar) output, the other, our Freedom10 is adjustable between 400 and 4500psi.

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Introducing the NEW
F10 Shoebox

Introducing the new 3rd generation Shoebox the F10! Now 20% faster fill speeds (over the retired F8 model)  by increasing the RPM’s and adding 400% more air flow cooling. New Automatic Oiling System allows for up to 10+ hour runs between lubrication. Same reliability you have come to trust after thousands of units sold and still made in the USA!! New gear ratio produces 10 cubic feet of air at 4500 psi per hour over 8 cubic feet for the old Freedom8.

Super cooling with NEW larger 100 CFM fan for super cooling (old one was 20 cfm)

 Automatic oiling system gets 10+ hours between refills.

For PCP air rifle enthusiasts no more pumping! Tops off most guns in less than 10 minutes! Paintball players, fill a large tank during the week and have your own air fills all weekend. For industrial testing where high pressure low volume is needed the F10 is smallest and least expensive high pressure compressor on the market. Battlebots with carbon fiber tanks, keep your warrior topped off with your own compressor!



Attach your shop compressor feeding 125 psi to the ShoeBox and you are good to go.  Why do we use a shop compressor? Because most of the water condenses out in the shop compressor tank. It acts like a water filter saving you more money. Want really dry air? Add a desiccant filter between the shop compressor and the ShoeBox which is much less expensive than a high pressure filter on the output.

 Now comes with made in USA GATES BELTS



The F10 comes with a Foster male fitting output. You will need a high pressure hose with the fitting of your choice to fit your tank or airgun, and a female Foster to fit the ShoeBox. We recommend a pressure gauge in the hose. The F10 can also compress non-flammable gasses such as nitrogen, xenon and argon.