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Automatic Lubrication

The ShoeBox Freedom10 Compressor comes standard with an automatic silicone oil system

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Shown here actual size

Shown here actual size, the ShoeBox is the worlds smallest and lightest line of high pressure compressors.

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Our Freedom10 is adjustable between 400 and 4500psi and is now on sale!!

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  1. O-ring Outer Cylinder (6 pack)

    O-ring Outer Cylinder (6 pack)

    Black Viton o-ring for outside of both cylinders where it seals into air block. 6 per package Learn More
  2. Airline, Stainless

    Air Line Stainless 4500 psi (for MAX Model)

    Air line between cylinders. Rated for 4500 psi. Requires high pressure compression fittings. Part #8 on exploded view diagram - (comes with fittings not shown in picture) For Max Model only. Learn More
  3.  Fitting, Shop Air

    Fitting, Shop Air

    Fitting for 85 psi input from shop compressor. Part #31 in exploded view diagram. Also available at most hardware stores. McMaster 6534K46 . Learn More
  4.  Vent Rod

    Vent Rod

    Vent rod for air block. Part #35 on exploded view diagram. Learn More
  5.  Pulley, Large MAX Model

    Pulley, Large MAX Model

    Large pulley for MAX model only. Attaches to crankshaft on back side of Air Block Learn More

Items 1 to 5 of 7 total

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