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Automatic Lubrication

The ShoeBox compressor now comes standard with an automatic silicone oil system

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Shown here actual size

Shown here actual size, the ShoeBox is the worlds smallest and lightest line of high pressure compressors.

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Two Models

There are two models of ShoeBox Air Compressor. The MAX model is set for 4500 psi (300 bar) output, the other, our Freedom10 is adjustable between 400 and 4500psi.

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New Products

  • F10 ShoeBox Compressor

    F10 ShoeBox Compressor

    Fastest Fill Times Yet! And, all of our MAX and Freedom10 Models now i...
    1.150,00 $
    1.150,00 $
  • Spring- Pressure Adjust

    Spring- Pressure Adjust

    Spring for release arm that adjusts the cut off pressure. Must be trim...
    5,00 $
    5,00 $
  • Spacer Kit - For Hardened Pistons

    Spacer Kit - For Hardened Pistons

    Upper and lower cylinder replacement delrin spacers. **For use with HA...
    25,00 $
    25,00 $
  •  Snap Ring

    Snap Ring

    Snap ring (c-clip) for holding cylinders in place. #10 on exploded vie...
    1,00 $
    1,00 $